The HOPE Foundation Board of Directors bring to the organization a wealth of experience in community development, non-profit administration, entrepreneurship, social justice advocacy, and affordable housing activism. Each of our board members is active and engaged in the Ventura County community. Their dedication to improving lives by ending hunger and ending homelessness ensures the success of Hope Foundation Ventura County.

Kenneth R. Duff, President

Mr. Duff was formerly director of operations of TKC Ventura, a family transitional living center, developing organizational strategies and operational procedures for supporting former homeless women, children, and families. Prior to TKC Ventura, Mr. Duff spent 15 years with the Los Angeles Dream Center, where he was a director of a community outreach program known as Adopt-A-Block. In the 15 years in Los Angeles he was involved with many community homeless projects and food relief outreaches. Before joining LA Dream Center, Mr. Duff served in various underwriting capacities for several top-tier companies. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Quality Maintenance, Inc., and is a founding president of Hope Foundation Ventura County. His educational background was in Business Administration, with credentials earned from Global University. He has over 25 years of operational development in the service industry and currently participates with the Ventura Social Services Task Force.

Wm. David Kohlmeier, Vice President

Mr. Kohlmeier is a graduate of the Rain Project and serves as a spokesperson for this organization. He is currently a sanitary consultant for House Sanitary Supply, Inc., and has been serving Ventura County businesses for the past eight years. Mr. Kohlmeier’s experience includes commercial and residential building in the construction industry, and he also co-managed Ventura County Game Preserve Association for a decade. He spent these 10 years serving in various management capacities. Mr. Kohlmeier has operated multiple Jiffy Lube franchises for another 10 years. He served as a Lions Club member and represented the Cottage Home Foundation in addition to his other leadership duties. Prior to joining his current employer, Mr. Kohlmeier spent four years in the U.S. Navy’s Bird Farm Fuels division aboard the U.S. Aircraft Carrier JFK.

Darlene Kempema, Secretary

Mrs. Kempema is currently Office Manager at Ventura County Estates. She has been instrumental in administering development programs, and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. She worked for 11 years as a staff accountant and operations manager for a prominent organization in Ventura, California. Mrs. Kempema has more than 25 years of experience in various capacities as a senior advocate in several metropolitan areas. Mrs. Kempema also serves on the boards of HELP, Inc., and Hope, Inc.

Tamara J. Duff, Treasurer

Mrs. Duff was formerly Executive Director of Operations at TKC Ventura, a family transitional living center serving women, children, and families. She has been instrumental in administering development programs, including a 15-year tenure at the LA Dream Center and current participation in the Ventura Social Services Task Force. Mrs. Duff is currently Chief Financial Officer and Senior Accountant Manager for Quality Maintenance, Inc., a service organization in Ventura, California. She has more than 25 years’ experience in various organizational capacities as an advocate in multiple metropolitan areas.

Mona Beaulieu, Foundation Business Development

Ms. Beaulieu is currently a personal trainer and is growing her life coaching business. Her background in business is strong, as she has owned three businesses in various industries. Ms. Beaulieu is a problem-solver and efficient negotiator, whose business ethics have always focused on quality, efficiency, and trust. Personal referrals were always and advantage in growth. Ms. Beaulieu was responsible for improving the financial performance of Business Development and Technical Recruiter while serving as the firm’s Manager, and helped to grow the firm 30% over the year prior to her employment. As Manager, she offered leadership by example and used motivational techniques that enhanced her team’s performance and productivity. Ms. Beaulieu is presently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, with plans to continue her education.

David Kendall, Board Member

Mr. Kendall is currently multimedia specialist at KARL STORZ Imaging in Goleta, California. He has been instrumental in web design, video editing, animation, graphic and print design, social media, and email marketing for the past 18 months. Previously, Mr. Kendall was a multimedia designer at Marshall University School of Medicine in Huntington, West Virginia, where he was instrumental as a print, web, and educational designer and animator. He spent one year establishing his multimedia training at Marshall University’s Service Leaning Program, which combined classroom instruction with meaningful related community service. He was the liaison between professors, students, and the community projects/leaders they were serving during their classes, and also served as a graduate assistant. Mr. Kendall completed his Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design and New Media at Marshall University College of Fine Arts, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from Marshall University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Daniel Thomas Martinez, Board Member

Mr. Martinez is currently President of New Harvest Ventura and has served in this role since 2003. He has been an ordained minister with New Harvest, Inc. since 1991, and was an ordained minister with the Association of Christian Churches of Russia in 1997. He completed his studies at the Language Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is a member of Believer’s Edge Men’s Ministry of Santa Barbara, California.