The Need

Homelessness and Affordable Housing Shortages in Ventura County

Thanks to soaring rents and stagnant wages, there is presently a significant shortage of affordable housing across the United States, a problem that is exemplified in Southern California, where notoriously high rental rates have been the norm for decades. This means many adults, especially those earning minimum wage, must balance multiple jobs in order to […]

Facts and Statistics on Homelessness in Ventura County

How Serious Is It? “Many Americans struggle to afford a decent, safe place to live in today’s market,” writes the Urban Institute. “Over the past five years, rents have risen while the number of renters who need moderately priced housing has increased. These two pressures make finding affordable housing even tougher for very poor households […]

Educational Links

Want to Learn More about Homelessness? Current Information and Research by the Urban Institute: Ventura Social Services Task Force Report on Residential Allocation Program: US Department of Health and Human Services Report on Promising Strategies to End Youth Homelessness: Research done by the US Department of Health and Human Services on Homelessness: […]

Need Help?

Resources Available to You If you are struggling, you are not alone. We care about your needs and are developing our plans to provide a lasting solution to help homeless individuals and families get back on their feet and start anew. We work to assist people facing hard times and to equip families with the resources needed to overcome homelessness, hunger, and poverty. Here are some of the services we will offer at our future Planned Community. […]
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