Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope.

     – Martin Luther

Hope is the Foundation That Dreams Are Built On

In Ventura County, Hope is more than a dream; it’s the foundation upon which lives are being reclaimed and transformed. Founded in 2014, Hope Foundation Ventura County is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, 501c3 charity dedicated to ending homelessness and hunger in and around our community.

Due to current market conditions, there is, in our community, a significant shortage of affordable housing. As a result, homeless families and individuals have no choice but to reside in unsafe and unsanitary living facilities.

Hope Foundation Ventura County connects with homeless individuals who are seeking to make a change in their lives but who may not qualify for conventional public aid. Through Hope, these individuals will be provided safe, affordable housing.

The Foundation’s first initiative, the HomeFirstProject, is designed to support the homeless by providing affordable housing, spiritual community, social services, and access to viable employment opportunities.

Ending Homelessness and Hunger

Our pathway to change is clearly defined: by providing safe and affordable interim housing for homeless children and single parents, as well as for struggling families, war veterans, and the indigent elderly, we are working to transform lives for the better.

By supplementing our housing services with access to hunger relief through food distribution facilities located within our community, we are able to further meet the health needs of the homeless by providing much needed nutritional support.

Once their immediate safety and survival concerns are resolved, these formerly homeless individuals can begin the process of making changes in other areas of their lives. By focusing on housing and hunger first, Hope Foundation will help formerly homeless local residents to become healthy, happy, productive members of our local community.

Creating Opportunities, One Milestone at a Time

As our momentum builds, fueled by successful fund-raising efforts and increased community support, Hope Foundation Ventura County, through its sponsors and volunteers, will develop additional multi-family properties to house deserving families and individuals. The Charity will also provide food relief, vocational training, education, medical services, and recreational facilities within the communities it creates, further helping to lift people out of homelessness and providing them opportunities to thrive.

Hope Foundation Ventura County is actively working every day to achieve an established set of operational milestones that include:

  • locating and purchasing real estate for residential communities
  •  identifying individuals and families in need of housing support
  • securing office space for operations and administration
  • launching successful capital-investment campaigns, and
  • continuing to design and develop planned communities.

Through the generous philanthropy of community organizations, local businesses, and individual volunteers, like you, who are willing to donate their time and resources, we are creating new opportunities by planting HOPE in Ventura County.

The Purpose of Hope

As an established Ventura County Charity, we are dedicated to working in collaboration with individuals, local businesses, private corporations, community churches, and the city, county and federal government to secure the resources necessary to build a planned community with the core objective of “Ending Homelessness and Hunger” in Ventura County.

The Vision of Hope

Our shared vision, now and for the future, is to locate land in Ventura County, California upon which we can build a planned community consisting of low-income housing and immediately available interim housing that will provide a clear path to permanent housing for deserving families and individuals. The community will include a hunger-relief food-distribution facility; vocational, educational, and training facilities; and recreational facilities, all of which will be designed to encourage independent living and advance the general health and wellbeing of the entire community – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Mission of Hope

Now and for the future, the collective mission of Hope Foundation Ventura County is to dedicate itself to raising funds and locating properties for the provision of immediately available interim housing with clear paths to permanent housing. We are committed to providing community solutions for the homeless and hungry in Ventura County.

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