Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. –Robert H. Schuller

Welcome to the Hope Foundation Ventura County’s blog! In the coming weeks and months we will be posting on our progress and events as we get our new nonprofit organization started up. Our journey from the simple conceptualization of an idea to accreditation and state recognition, and now the launch of a fully-operable organization has been a strenuous but rewarding one, full of highs and lows.

Traveling around the various coastal cities of our county, it’s not hard to see that there is a large homeless population in our area. Many people have been the victims of hard times, living in their cars or on the street in the hopes of saving up enough to make the high rent costs of Ventura County. Our founders were moved by the plight of these individuals and families, those who want nothing more than to find stability and take care of their families and themselves, and combine decades of experience working with the homeless and other at-risk groups in their founding of this organization.

When the homeless are off the streets and able to work, they contribute to our community and make our neighborhoods safer, benefiting the entire region. Therefore assisting people who have fallen on hard times helps our cities become better places to live. Creating housing that is affordable to low-income households will drastically reduce the likelihood of homelessness in Ventura County, as well as give homeless people a stable place to live while they reorder their lives and focus on working, growing, and providing for their families to become productive members of society.

We are overjoyed to finally be introducing  our organization to the public after months and years of hard work. Our hope is that our website and informational materials will inspire you to get involved and help our cause, be it through volunteering, donating, fundraising, or partnering with us to improve the lives of homeless families and individuals in our own backyards. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about our mission, and follow us on social media for the latest updates on our work. To learn more about homelessness in Ventura County and our plan to address it, please refer to The Need and What We Do on our main menu.

Join us by helping plant HOPE in Ventura County.


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